Feelings and emotions in Spanish and English

Here comes a list of words used to express your feelings and emotions in Spanish and English language.This article also features grammar rules and guides on how to make sentences using those words to describe one's feelings. The following words will provide you with different ways to express a variety of emotions, from happiness to sadness, anger, etc. 

Spanish and English vocabulary list - Feelings and Emotions

Basic words to express your feelings and emotions in Spanish and English

enojado - angry
enfadado - annoyed
ansioso - anxious
avergonzado - ashamed
traicionado - betrayed
aburrido - bored
calmado - calm
confundido - confused
deprimido - depressed
deseperado - desperate
disgustado - disgusted
emocionado -  excited
asustado -  frightened
alegre - happy
celoso - jealous
dichoso - lucky
solitario - lonely
nervioso - nervous
relajado - relaxed
aliviado - relieved
inquieto - restless
triste - sad
satisfecho - satisfied
sorprendido - surprised
soñoliento - sleepy
agradecido - thankful
mortificado - tormented
atrapado - trapped
incómodo - uncomfortable
preocupado - worried
cansado - tired

How to express your feelings and emotions in Spanish and English?

In English, to talk about your feelings, you say: I am____
In Spanish, "estoy" is used to express how you feel: 
For example, 
Estoy feliz - I'm happy
Estoy aburrido/aburrida - I'm bored
Estoy enamorado/enamorada - I'm in love

2. If someone asks you ¿Cómo te sientes? or How do you feel?, you can use the verb "siento" - "feel" to answer.
For example,
¡Me siento de maravilla! - I feel great!
Me siento fatal - I feel terrible

3. If you're feeling LIKE something, just add the word "como" - like in the sentence
For example, 
Me siento como una reina - I feel like a queen.
Me siento como una estrella de rock- I feel like a rock star.

Above is a list of words and vocabulary to describe or express your feelings and emotions together words rules to use them. Follow our site to improve your Spanish and English skills.