How to say Good morning good afternoon goodnight in Spanish

Let's find out how to say some of the most common greetings in Spanish: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

1. How to say Good morning in Spanish

good morning good afternoon goodnight in Spanish
Good morning in Spanish

Good morning. = Buenos días (pronunce as boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs)

This greeting is the standard
You can use it in any Spanish-speaking country

Good morning = buen día (boo-ehn dee-ah)

This greeting is strictly colloquial and only used in several Latin American countries
Used among friends and in casual settings

Good morning = ¡buenas! (boo-eh-nahs)

can be used at any time of a day

2. How to say Good afternoon in Spanish

Good afternoon = Buenas tardes

3. How to say good evening, how to say good night in Spanish

Good night / Good evening = Buenas noches

Can be used as both a farwell and a greeting

This expression serves a dual purpose. This means that it can be used as the English greeting: good evening or as a farewell which means Goodnight.
However, the second one is mostly used.

How to say have a nice day in Spanish

4. Common expressions to wish someone a good night

Que pases buenas noches = Have a good night
Que duermas bien = Sleep well
Que tengas dulces sueños = Have sweet dreams
Que sueñes con los angelitos = Dream with the little angels

5. Another useful greetings in Spanish

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Hello = Hola
This is the most basic of the greetings in Spanish. Remember that the "h" in "hola" is silent!

¿Cómo está? = How are you? (formal)

This expression is a formal way if you want to ask how someone is feeling. It is often used when talking to older people as a sign of respect.

¿Cómo estás? =  How are you? (informal)

This expression should be used when you are talking to someone of your age or someone younger than you.

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